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Advanced statistical and machine learning techniques are applied in customer research for retail chains, focusing on customer experience, competitive analysis, and online reputation management.

Strategic insights in tourism market research are provided using machine learning and big data, focusing on traveler preferences, market segmentation, and trend forecasting.

Advanced statistical, modeling, and machine learning solutions are offered to banks to enhance performance, customer segmentation, risk analysis, and online reputation management.

Expertise in the automotive sector is provided, tracking emerging brands, analyzing dealership performance, and studying mobility trends.

Comprehensive place branding solutions are delivered, utilizing reputation analysis, competitive diagnosis, and influencer identification in key markets.

Through the use of AI, consumer food preferences are analyzed, health and nutrition professionals are tracked on social media, and food consumption trends are monitored.

Leveraging social media and AI, real-time insights into the pharmaceutical market are delivered, aiding in strategic decision-making and product development.

Specialization in beauty sector consumer research is offered, providing insights on trends, brand positioning, and reputation, backed by nearly a decade of experience.